The Friends of the Hennepin Canal will be holding their monthly Hike the Canal outing on Sunday, July 21.

This months’ hike will be on the feeder canal from Bridge 59 to Bridge 56. The hike is 3.8 miles in length and it has been named the “Red Tail Hawk”.

We will meet at Bridge 56 at 1:30pm from there we will be shuttled to Bridge 59 to begin our hike. Bridge 56 is on Route 92 four miles west of Route 40. Route 92 is 13 miles south of Rock Falls on Route 40 or 12 miles north of I80, Exit 45 on Route 40.

The monthly hikes were developed by the Friends of the Hennepin Canal as an opportunity for everyone to get to know the Canal personally by hiking it from the Illinois River to the Mississippi (including the Feeder Canal) in small legs.  You need not be a member of the Friends to join us in any of the hikes.  There is no fee for the hikes. Come and join in the fun and bring a friend.  We ask that you dress weather appropriately.

For more information, contact Ed Herrmann at: (email) or call 815-664-2403 (home)                                                           or log on to our website at: .

Next hike:  August 18                                                                                                                                                                                           Hike route: Bridge 34 to Bridge 37  Length: 3.5 miles  Meet at: IL Rt. 82 (Geneseo campground)                                                                                                 Hike name: Woodcock