Hike the Canal – Press Release

The Friends of the Hennepin Canal will be holding their monthly Hike the Canal outing on Sunday, July 21. This months’ hike will be on the feeder canal from Bridge 59 to Bridge 56. The hike is 3.8 miles in length and it has been named the "Red Tail Hawk". We will meet...

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January 2019 Hike

“Where the snow lay dinted” …a post-Christmas Lament! On January 20th 2019, the intrepid crew of Friends of the Hennepin set out on their normal Lock 3 to Lock 6 hike. It was a cold, sunny day (8 degree F), but there was no wind, so warmly dressed people could safely...

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April 19, 2019

Today I opened a letter addressed to the Friends of the Hennepin Canal from PayPal. Expecting to read some some kind of solicitation, I was pleasantly surprised to see a letter from Nick Aldridge, CEO of the PayPal Giving Fund accompanied by a check payable to the Friends for $484.73! In the letter, Nick states, “This grant was made possible to donors who gave to PayPal Giving fund and recommended that we grant the funds to your organization.”

On behalf of all of the Friends of the Hennepin Canal, to all who so generously remembered our canal with their PayPal gifts, we thank you, and we pledge that the money will be used for the welfare of the Hennepin Canal.

Gary Wagle,

President, Friends of the Hennepin Canal