Hike Recap 2021


January 17, 2021 “Cardinal” 4.4 Miles

This has been the first time we had a Winter hike in the Geneseo area. Our regular January hike was re-scheduled back to a Summer month. Six hikers and a speedy dog on today’s hike. Ron and Cliff walked at a faster pace as they had Roxie leading. Snow mobiles, dog walkers, and even a runner we met along the way. Ice fishermen had been using the area but none were out today. Bald eagles were spotted along the way and a few ducks swimming in an open area of the canal. Also spotted were turkey tracks in the snow and crossing the frozen ice. It was great to hike an area we had not done in the past in a snowy month.



Feb. 21, 2021  “Kingfisher” 3.2 Miles

Winter hit the area hard the past week with too much snow and low temperatures. The canal crew was able to clear the snow to the parking lots for us. Only 3 hikers today. The snow on the path was all packed down as it was being used by a large group of snow mobiles. One of our hikers today lives along the canal and she met us with her dog. Repairs to the Lock 19 leak has not been done so that pool is still empty but water does flow through to the following pools.

March 21, 2021  “Snapping Turtle” 4.6 Miles

11 hikers today for our first Spring hike this year. Sunny and warm temperatures brought out a lot of people to enjoy the canal besides our group. We did some cleanup work along the way but a lot remains for another day just for that purpose. We did notice an area near lock 10 where the levee needs repair. Freezing and thawing, muskrats and beavers, and decaying trees all contribute to these slides. Covid19 has put a damper on a lot of various outings. Now with more vaccines being given out, we hope to see more of our regular hikers on our future hikes.