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Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park

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Join us July 19 to “Hike the Canal”

Hikers meet at 1:30 pm at the location specified in the Hike Press Release for that month.

The “Hike the Hennepin Challenge” has been developed by the Friends of the Hennepin Canal as an opportunity for everyone to get to know the Canal personally by hiking it from the Illinois River to the Mississippi (including the Feeder Canal) in small sections. You need not be a member of the Friends to join us in any of the hikes. There is no fee for the hikes. We ask that you dress weather appropriately and bring a water bottle.

For more information, contact Ed Herrmann at: (email), 815-664-2403 (home)

For ”Hike the Canal”  events info Click here.

For “Hike the Canal” press release with directions Click here. 


The Friends are working on an Adopt -A-Trail project. If you are interested in helping to keep the canal clean, go to the following link and check out the sections that are available.

Adopt-A-Trail section info

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